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Hi, my name's Frederick.
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Welcome to Overmind Productions

What's that, you ask? Oh, it's just my company, I say. What do you do? Well... I make stuff. Stuff like websites and videos and art and sound.


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Music is my passion

I've been playing music since I was 10. I love it. I currently play in a couple groups and I also have a solo music production / performance project called Legsss. In the past I have released records on indie labels and toured extensively in Europe and Japan.


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Sound art and invented instruments

Since my first showing in 2007 I've produced and exhibited a number of interactive sound art pieces. My works have been shown at the Vancouver and Surrey Art Galleries, as well as at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, VIVO's Signal + Noise festival, etc.


I make video... next page

This is something I need to promote more. I've toured as a video performance artist. I've made some music videos. I've made and designed videos for clients. I've performed my own video compositions live at the Rio. etc.


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Like this one.

I've been working in web design and front-end development since 2002. While living in Japan I worked on projects for world-class clients like Toshiba, the University of Tokyo, and Apple Japan. Since returning to Canada in 2006 I've had the opportunity to work on projects for some great Canadian clients such as Blast Radius, Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Douglas and McIntyre Publishers, etc. I also am a part owner in a couple web startups.